A good plan can make *all* the difference!

Here comes Dewey’s Read-a-Thon, a 24-hour period of time that is devoted solely to reading! That’s right fellow book nerds -a full 24 hours filled with nothing but consuming words in whatever way makes you happy! (including -but not limited to- audio, kids, teen, adult, graphic novels, newspapers, magazines, picture books, and so on and so forth- just so long as there’s a story in there somewhere) This won’t be my first time at the read-a-thon rodeo, nor will it be my last -yee haw! And each time I learn some new, valuable lesson about how to make it: a) more fun and b) more productive… Here are a few of the things that I’m going to do this time with an eye to creating the best experience possible. (feel free to choose any or all – to try out for size or adapt to suit your own needs)

1. Start by checking out your existing TBR pile. This is a good time to pull out some of the books that keep looking good by you haven’t made time to read yet. Acknowledge now that you might wind up skimming some of them, getting the basic idea but you won’t be pondering every blessed word.

2. Select a wide variety of reading levels (kids, teen, adult) in a variety of formats (audio, graphic novels, magazines) and genres (all kinds of fiction, nonfiction) but try not to make any of them overly long. The more titles you’re able to finish, the more satisfaction you feel!

3. Snacks! Again, good variety is key. Salty, sweet, crunchy, or smooth, are all good choices but try not to make it all your choices carbs or sleep will win sooner rather than later. Try to work some protein into the mix. Don’t forget plenty of water and coffee!

4. Get outside a couple times, short or long walks -whatever you’re feeling- and you can listen while you stroll. (and maybe work off some of the snacks)

5. Be ready to feel horrible around 4am -it’s when you start to really feel tired but there’s still four. more. hours. to. go! This is a good time for a brisk walk -with a friend!- outside or a stroll around your house if you’re alone.

Bonus: And one of the most valuable lessons I learned last time? Don’t pick a book that you’ve been dying to read. You’ll just feel sad that it’s over so soon and you didn’t take your time to enjoy each precious page.

Interested? Sign up! It’ll be fun!

See you at 8am sharp on Saturday, April 27th…

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