Just One Day by Gayle Forman

just one day
*timid girl blossoms into adventurous spirit*

Allyson is a good girl; she is respectful of authority, does what is expected, and aims to never disappoint anyone. While on a Teen Tours! European vacation, a high school graduation gift from her parents -along with an uncomfortably large, heavy gold watch- Allyson and her best friend Melanie take the first stuttering steps toward change. Allyson’s small, almost unnoticeable, acts of rebellion are actually the exact moments that bring her to the place where she finds herself living the One Day that changes her life forever.

Loving this author’s previous titles: If I Stay and Where She Went, I was ready to be filled with joy, sorrow, happiness, and satisfaction of a story well told as I opened this book. I think I set the bar too high for my own enjoyment. As an adult reader -I wish Allyson hadn’t gone from 99% repressed to 100% independent. I’m pretty sure teens won’t be bothered by that hiccup. I did enjoy Allyson’s final relationship with her mother, her friend Dee -who should get his own book please!- and the ominous ending which left me curious to see what happens next.

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