Upon Reflection…

This will be my last chat about Dewey’s Read-a-Thon… until October 12th! (or a little before really) Then it will be 24-hours of posting posting posting while I read read read -psst the 12th is the next read-a-thon, plenty of time to prepare! And here’s what I learned from this go-around (making the previous plan a smidge obsolete):

1. Don’t have an overly large TBR pile. It was hard to choose what to read next and in the end I felt like I hadn’t even made a dent in the overall pile. I’m going to keep the list to 12 or less -and include some bigger books because…

2. Next time I’m going for number of pages, not number of titles. So maybe I can pick two big books or one big and a few small.

3. Why did I buy so many snacks? Did I think I was going to be trapped on a desert island for 24-hours with no other food options?? So maybe one salty and one sweet -total! No. more!

4. Take my power cord. Everywhere… (duh!) so I can take mini-breaks by seeing what other people are doing for the mini-challenges.

I *do* like the mix of books for all ages -fiction and nonfiction, graphic novels, and audio. Maybe I’ll add some Newbery winners next time…. hmm, a plan begins to hatch…

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