Far Far Away by Tom McNeal

*don’t look back, change your now*

In the town of Never Better, a mysteriously small and almost impossible to find place -in person or on a map, Jeremy Johnson Johnson can hear voices of the dead. Jeremy isn’t bothered by it -and why should he be? Jeremy copes with stranger things in his everyday world, including the fact that his Mom left town with a complete stranger and never returned without one word of explanation, ever. A father whose spirit was so crushed by his wife’s desertion he can’t cope with anything or anyone. And owning a bookstore that is stocked only with the books his grandfather wrote -just the two and no more. How lucky that Jeremy’s ghost is Jacob Grimm, one half of the well-respected Grimm Brothers who spent years gathering fairy tales for future generations! Or could it be that Jacob has an agenda of his own? When Jeremy’s classmate Ginger. leader of the popular girls and consistent instigator of mischief, decides to begin including Jeremy in the fun, it might just be impossible for him to resist -or for him to remain unchanged.

Fairy tales, dark ghost stories, changing what was into what you want it to be, and tangled relationships give this story more than its fair share of reasons to be read by all ages. The end is sweetly sad and satisfying.

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