So. Why write a blog? (another blog, really) Aren’t there enough opinion pages on the internet? Does there absolutely, positively need to be one more place to read someone’s every thought? Do you *need* to know how I feel about what I’ve just read, or just made, or just eaten? I’m going to say, “yes!” (for what I hope are obvious reasons…If they aren’t, we’re both in trouble… ) And those are the topics I’m planning to cover: books I’ve read and enjoyed, crafty moments you can try too, and tasty treats I’ve made or discovered. Are you ready for all of those good times to come your way? Well, ready or not -here they come!

For the books I’ve tried to condense the story into six words, plus there’s a short-ish review. For the crafty moments I’ve tried to share the important moments. For the tasty treats pictures are a must!

My dream? That both writer and reader enjoy this process! …dream a little dream my friends…


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